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Friday, November 15, 2002

Bill Quick has been having fun with letters in his hometown paper. Here in Denver, we have a gadfly named Phil Kenny who fills the mailroom of each local paper and many local websites' comments section with Democrat-flavored drool. Here, scroll down to "That Whining Sound", is actually one of Kenny's more lucid ( edited? ) letters claiming that Wellstone's memorial service was not an outrage.

That whining sound I heard recently came from Denver's blowtorch of a conservative radio station bemoaning the memorial for Sen. Wellstone. Seems as though the station's gasbags (talk-show hosts) believed the memorial was nothing more than a campaign rally. Well, I say to them, what if it was?
{ .... }
Whether they decided to mourn, celebrate or ask for votes was their decision and not to be judged - especially by those who didn't agree with the senator anyway. Go back to whipping up on the Clintons, gasbags. You're experts at that. Leave the dead be!

Pure red Kool-Aid from the local gadfly. First of all, it was a public service to which various dignitaries were invited so criticism is perfectly appropriate. Further, the Wellstone family had obtained local and national television coverage fraudulently. But more importantly, the entire nation learned that the Democrats were perfectly willing to desecrate the memorial service of one of their own to partisan gain and this lack of character probably shifted the entire election balance according to some polls.