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Thursday, December 26, 2002

My local paper reprints an article bylined "Adam Nagourney" of the New York Times ( UPDATE:Steve Verdon comments and supplies a link to the NYT ). Reading it over my lunch today, I nearly choked from laughter. The point of the article was that some Democrats, such as Sen. John Edwards, are developing a campaign theme attacking Republicans and the Bush administration for not doing "enough" to fight terrorism. Amusing for the DU theme about President Bush's supposed plan to become a dictator, Sen. Edwards calls for a new domestic intelligence agency to be created - a bizarre proposal after their hysterics over the Homeland Security department and the PATRIOT Act.

This is yet more evidence that the Democrats are in complete disarray and haven't a clue how to return to the mainstream. Their inability to articulate a coherent position on this subject is beyond pathetic. Al Gore set the stage earlier this year with his speech wherein he bemoaned how terrible President Bush's actions were, but couldn't successfully articulate anything he would actually do different. Senator Patty Murray thinks the issue is over mythical day care centers. The actual proposals being tentatively mooted by Democrats are hilariously lame. More money for big city police departments. Yep, that's what fighting terrorism is of course, more money for Democrat constituencies that have nothing effective to do. Now we see senators like Edwards and Kerry demonstrate anew why the Democrat party is not the party of adults.