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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Hugh Hewitt on his radio program Friday afternoon was in a high dander about this attempt by CNN's Eason Jordan to cover CNN's dishonest ass on its Iraq coverage as described by Jim Glassman. The next time someone attacks Fox News for being biased, I'm just going to say "At least Fox News hasn't covered up any murderers lately". Glenn Reynolds has his take here, calling it worse than a journalistic "Enron" pointing out that Jordan has completely compromised CNN with his lies.

What Reynolds and Glassman don't mention was that the stories - that CNN thought were so important to cover that they were willing to compromise themselves - were anti-US propaganda pieces by the Iraq government about how horrible the UN sanctions supposedly were.

The bottom line is that we see once again that outright lying - as shown by Peter Arnett disgusting past at CNN during the first Gulf War and that "Tailwind" fiasco - are an integral part of CNN culture and have been for a decade and a half.