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Friday, April 21, 2006

When it comes to lawyer jokes, lawyers know all the good ones. But there are also a few sort-of "in" jokes in the legal field. One goes like this:

"An appellate lawyer is appearing in front of the United States Supreme Court and opens his argument with: "May it please the court, I am appealing a decision from the Ninth Circuit ... and I have other arguments."

The Ninth Circuit has again demonstrated why that joke is too true to be funny, with this absolutely ludicrous decision. Notice that the completely wrong opinion is written by the most embarrassing Ninth Circuit judge Reinhardt. Judge Koszinski gives us a pithy but incisive dissent.

The Second Amendment serves absolutely no purpose. Most gun owners are far right. The government is now far right. The only time a far right constituency would ever take up arms would be in the event of a left wing takeover. But a left wing takeover will never happen because the far right beat them to it.

You all say you believe in the right to bear arms but when push comes to shove you'll be turning them in like good little acquiescent citizens. Of course, the amerinazi government will allow you to keep your small-caliber rifles and shotguns for deer hunting and small game, and that'll be enough for you because that's all you care about anyway. You'd never have courage enough to actually defend the United States of America against a military takeover from within.

The automatic and semi-automatic weapons that give you parity with the military will be confiscated. I'm sorry. I meant, your automatic and semi-automatic weapons will be turned in. Out of fear. You won't resist. You'll make every excuse in the book why it's your citizenly duty to abide by the law -- just like the Germans did 70 years ago.

I'd bet money on it. Besides they're far right. And you're far right. They're your friends. They'd never do anything bad to you. Or your family.

As long as you comply.

In Jesus' Glorious and Holy name,
Dean Berry - Real American
Uh ... the Ninth Circuit Court decision involve the First Amendment, not the Second. And that's just the beginning of the problems here.

When someone butts into your conversation with an incoherent rant on an unrelated topic, you may be pardoned for thinking that he is either drunk or crazy.
Still, Kent, it is a hilariously silly comment.

Dean, don't be shy, tell us more about how you don't actually understand either the Second Amendment nor current firearms laws.
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