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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Sen. Harry Reid's ridiculous comments about Mitt Romney this week really illustrate the fundamental dishonesty and hypocrisy of Democrats.  Reid thinks that pulling a claim out of his ass, ascribing it to some anonymous "Bain investor" ( who would have no information ) and then slandering Mitt Romney is a valid campaign tactic.

Meanwhile, the Democrats did nothing about Charles Rangel's real tax evasion regarding real estate overseas, confirmed Turbo Tax Tim Geithner as Treasury secretary (the IRS' boss) regardless of his brazen tax evasion, and far more.

We know that Mitt Romney is wealthy.  We know that he's less interested in using the office of the President to gain wealth, far less interested that the Clinton's were and far less interested than the Obama's.  Does anyone think that Mitt Romney is going to be impressed by the kind of bribes inherent in things like getting a million dollar book advance from one's cronies like Hillary?  Of course not.

The purpose of this issue is distract from the fact that - contrary to Obama's recent speech - Obama's economic policies have not "worked".  They've been utter disasters.  The worse economic recovery in two generations.  Fewer people employed than when he entered office.  And utter failure by the standards of his own predictions in January 2009.  Go back and look at the charts the White House used to justify the trillion dollar "stimulus".  The results were far worse than the predictions of gloom should it be rejected.