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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

It is quite astonishing to see people among the Left who are so filled with hate that the most ludicrous lies get applauded by them as deep thoughts. I thought that by now everyone realized that Robert Scheer's column claiming that the Bush Administration was funding the Taliban was a fraud. Simple comparison to the actual press release from the Dept of State and this press conference transcript reveals just how many outright lies Scheer wrote.

But still the fraud gets cited - here as justifying Lindh - among the Left blogs. This isn't an example of their holding to an extreme opinion, this is an example of how they cling uncritically to outright lies on factual matters to justify their irrational hatred. The real legacy of Chomsky.

UPDATE: After an email exchange, Kos - of the link above - acknowledged to me that comparing Scheer's piece to the sources confirmed my point. I appreciate his time and honesty.