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Thursday, August 08, 2002

One of the favorite misrepresentations of people like Hesiod is that President Bush sabotaged some sort of wonderful Clinton economy. Not only does that demonstrate the extraordinary ignorance of Democrats like Hesiod ( a perennial problem ) and not only does that misrepresent when the economic downturn began, but now we know that in fact the Clinton administration - intentionally or unintentionally - misled us in its economic reports.

Novak seems to accept the idea that the economic reports were not intentionally manipuated; however, the Democrats have often cast improper motivations upon far more innocent acts ( my favorite still being attacking Dick Cheney for selling Halliburton stock in advance of a price drop when in fact the Democrats had been demanding that Cheney sell it at the time ). So the question becomes just why were these economic reports wrong so much and in the opposite trend during Al Gore's campaign?

Perhaps after the Democratic Senate finishes with its showboating on Enron and other corporate accounting scandals ( but protecting Clinton administration officials like Robert Rubin from scrutiny ), the Senate can investigate whether or not the Clinton administration improperly manipulated those statistics. Don't hold your breath. And don't hold your breath for any kind of end to the dishonesty of Democrats in discussing the economy.