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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Another example of the fact that Hesiod is nothing but a pile of frothing hatred comes from his postings on the Florida primary. Responding to news that new voting machines were delaying the opening of precincts in several Florida counties and consideration was being made to extending polling hours to compensate, here is a posting of his where he froths that "The decision has to be made via Jeb Bush, who may decide to play fast and loose with the election again, and keep the polls open longer to give Janet Reno's supporters more of a chnace to vote."[sic] He continues "Given that both Jones and Reno are threatening to SUE if the voting deadline is not extended, it practically guarantees that Jeb Bush will intervene in their favor. He will pull any trick he can to prevent Bill McBride from becoming the Democratic nominee." But just a few lines down the posting, Hesiod notes that both Reno and McBride seemed to support extending the polling hours "From my friends at the "Presidential Election 2000" Yahoo! message board comes this link to a Miami TV station discussing the utter chaos at the polls. It says Reno may seek an injunction to keep them open, and that Bill McBride would join her."

We see the pattern of mindless hatred. Regardless of the merits, Jeb Bush's actions are condemned in advance as manipulation. Notice that the pattern of slander continues, Bush's action would be playing "fast and loose ... again" even though Jeb Bush undertook no action during the 2000 Presidential election day polling as Hesiod falsely implies. And notice that Hesiod ignores the fact that most of the counties having trouble setting up the new equipment are run by Democrat elections officials.

Let no fact interfere with Hesiod's slanders.