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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

It is amusing to see Hesiod sputter and foam but the only effect is to show him to be completely clueless. Stephen Den Beste wrote this piece upon seeing the news of Iraq's supposed acquiesence to inspections "unconditionally". In the piece, Den Beste described his belief that the letter contained weasel words to allow Iraq to delay inspections while purporting to discuss the conditions of inspections. Hesiod, with his usual flurry of non sequitors, name calling, and general ineptitude, implies that Den Beste was either stupid or dishonest for reading such into the letter. Guess what, now we see that an Arab League official implies the same. Hesiod's response is once again a non sequitur as he argues that it doesn't matter what others besides Iraq say - ignoring that it was in fact the Arab League that brokered Iraq's supposed agreement to allow inspections "unconditionally". Sure, Hesiod, everyone is lying but you. It doesn't occur to Hesiod that an official involved in negotiating Iraq's agreement might have more of an idea what is going on than Hesiod does. Once again, Hesiod's stupid name calling recoils back upon himself. When every post has to be an attack on Republicans and George Bush, the result is inevitably nothing but ad hominem and shallow if not hilariously ludicrous. He is rapidly becoming the laughing stock of the blogosphere.

Of course, the most hilarious part of this episode was when Hesiod announced in the comments here that he has "Fisk'ed" Stephen Den Beste. One is reminded of the joke about the ant proceeding to make love to an elephant and begins by assuring the elephant that he'd be gentle.