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Friday, September 13, 2002

There are a myriad of reasons not to vote Democrat in the upcoming mid-term elections. However, the most important is that control of the Senate must be returned to the Republicans to end the dangerous obstructionism of Tom Daschle. This week we see that the Democrats are playing partisan politics with the War On Terrorism. The President has asked Congress to pass a resolution approving the attack on Iraq. There is clearly enough support in Congress to pass such but Daschle wants to delay consideration until after the election.

Partisanship and cowardice - those are the Democrat watchwords. Because if they do not support an attack on Iraq, then they should say so and put themselves on the record as to why. But they fear - for some reason - letting the American people see and hear for themselves what Democrats are made of.

And rightly so for what the Democrats stand for is obstruction, partisanship, cowardice, and slander. The Democrats are hoping to push away the most serious issue our nation has faced in many decades, push it off without doing more than evade comment on it. For the Democrats hope is that by offering more free shit to old folks, they can win another election. Democrats' Free Shit vs. Republican Adult Issues. That's the choice.

And the idea that the Democrats are showing the more despicable absence of character isn't solely the idea of those of us on the Right. See for yourself what a Democrat mouthpiece has to say about the Democrats' cowardice in the face of this serious issue. Thanks to Dailypundit for the New Republic link.