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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Ed Stein is what they call an editorial cartoonist at the Rocky Mountain News. Here is an example of his work. I don't find this editorial comment, I find it simply slander. Stein hasn't gotten the message that the gun control extremists' agenda has been shredded by the public's recognition that they are irrelevant.

I emailed Ed Stein and the editors of the Rocky Mountain News at the email provided and stated that I found that Stein's work "portraying the NRA as responsible for the crimes of the sniper in the D.C. area is a despicable bit of slander on Stein's part. Stein makes this slander based on absolutely no evidence or other connection between the sniper and the NRA. Just Stein's vicious hatred of anyone who doesn't share his ludicrous agenda of gun prohibition. There simply are no reasons to believe that any gun control measures that would have had the slightest effect on the conduct of the D.C. area sniper. Stein is obviously incapable of shame."

Stein's response to me was that I had misread the cartoon. "Try reading the caption under it and recognizing it as a metaphor for the NRA's opposition to meaningful gun control."

Its not a metaphor, Stein, its slander. Cheap shots don't substitute for talent or for a message...
UPDATE: A letter to the editor of the Rocky states: "After seeing Ed Stein's cartoon of Oct. 11, it appears there are two lunatics on the loose - one with a gun and one with a pen. " Well said sir.