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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

File under Democrat Agitprop:
I'm getting more than a little pissed off at the brazen lies we see the Democrats using to try to regain ground politically. It is of course bad enough, probably actually worse, that the Democrats are both too cowardly to actually debate foreign policy with any honesty and too anti-American to actually support a policy they refuse to publically debate with any seriousness. But what they do instead is try to undermine us with outright lies about the economy. We see Tony Foresta trolling with the typical Democrat lie here. Specifically he addressed this tripe at me:
You can dance around all you want but, math is always beautifully objective. Numbers never lie. You do the math. American workers traded a $300.00 rebate for most of their 401k's and any dreams of retirement. Lay, and Cheney, and Bush, may be optimistic about the economy, (it is an exceedingly opportune moment by the way to be wealthy and liquid with rates and prices so low, and demand so soft), but most of Americans are pinched hard at every turn. Bush insolence, selective blindness, and obdurate refusal to seriousl address economic concerns is not very comforting, to a public worried about loosing their jobs.

You Robin "continually post falsehoods" attempting to defend Bush wealth redistribution schemes and overt favoritism toward of the super rich and the mega corps over and beyond the interests of the working children, women, and men of America. You resort to the same typical issue evasion, personal attack strategies and robopathic responses Karl Rove taught all the fundamentalist republicans. Next, you will be calling me communist or un-patriotic. Your speak is old, not mine. Your math is fuzzy, not mine. Fling all the lies and insults you want, numbers do not lie.

It is quite infuriating to see this nonsense. First of all, President Bush dedicated his administration from the beginning to addressing the recession that had been laid at his feet by events but had begun before he could act. The graphs in the previous link show that industrial production had begun its decline in September of 2000. These are the real numbers, not Foresta's bizarre inventions that violate Einsteinian relativity. Foresta whines about people afraid of losing their jobs, but evidently is ignorant of the fact that employment statistics show that unemployment is down from the previous quarter in all categories (see "Unemployment rates" in this link). It is really astonishing how mild the recession has been given the long period of growth before it and the immense bubble that collapsed toward the end of the Clinton administration. Could this soft recession be credited to President Bush? That would be an interesting debate but usually I discount the influence of Presidents on economic matters in the short term.

But the political strategy is evident, the Democrat strategy: lie, lie and when caught lying then just lie louder.