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Sunday, April 06, 2003

I haven't been blogging much on the details of the war for a couple of reasons. The best one of course is that Katzman and Telenko at Winds of Change have been doing so much better at it than I would ( like this great piece ).
The second is that so often my comments have been obsoleted within minutes of my attempt to post them.
However, tonight we appear to be making a serious push into Baghdad itself. I wanted to post a short note to the effect that Gen. Tommy Franks has delighted me during the last month or so with his ability to surprise me. He has demonstrated an astonishingly adaptable tactical and operational toolkit in this war. Exactly what Gen. Franks' plan for taking Baghdad is, I still cannot discern from the dispositions and maneuvers. I thought that the mechanized version of a "drive-by" by the 3rd Infantry Division a few days ago was a brilliant way to both probe Baghdad and demonstrate mastery of the city without leaving US troops exposed to Iraqi attacks in the city. Dunnigan's map is already obsolete and I'm anxious to read of the SpecOps actions that are taking place in Baghdad once the war is over.
There is the possibility of resistance firming up but I'm getting more confident that we'll see a sudden collapse of the Iraqi regime in days or hours.