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Friday, August 15, 2003

My first "Iraq" 419 scam email:


In appreciation to your esteemed contact received through a reliable Source and the choice of your country, I wish to introduce my self. I am Abudul Tafiq, an aide in Saddam Hussein's presidential palace in Tikrit. I know that this letter might come to you as a surprise, but I Honestly do not intend to surprise you. I write this letter with deep Sense of humility with respect to my intention to entrust the sum of US$20 million United States Dollars with you to be held until we meet.

This sum came through oil sales permitted by the United Nations for the Purchase of humanitarian supplies during the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein as the head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces. Saddam Hussein has large cash reserves hidden in the global electronic financial network and invested in legitimate corporations from which he can afford the luxury of maintaining a loyal military and security Apparatus and which he can use to continue developing chemical and Biological weapons, along with the means to deliver them.

Following the fall of Baghdad on the 9th April 2003; my master along With top military officials of his government disappeared, marines, Searching for tools in a presidential palace, instead found 164 metal Boxes, believed to each contain US$4 million, including a cache of US$112 Million that was discovered on Wednesday in a row of dog kennels, Soldiers of the 3rd infantry division have found about $780 million in makeshift vaults in the gated complex on the western bank of the Tigris River that was once occupied by senior officials of Sddam's government, armed forces and political party.

But I managed to escape with 5 metal boxes containing usd$20 million. I Escaped to a neighboring country which I shall disclose to you latter Because of the fear that I might be arrested by the new leadership these funds was since deposited with a Finance company in Europe, which I shall disclose to you latter. I have been living since then as a political refugee, I am seeking for a reliable person who can assist me in moving this money out for safe banking and profitable investment.

Honestly, I contacted you because I do not want to invest this money in Iraq and due to my status here as a political refugee. I cannot think of such investment for now, moreover I would not want to take risk because this money is all I was able to take away and I am depending on this money no body knows about the existence of this money, which is why I decided that investing this money abroad should be the best for me. I will be honored if I can be given the privilege of investing this money with your help.

In view of this plight, I expect you to be trust worth and kind enough to respond to this distress call to save my life and that of my relatives who are dependent on me, and from a hopeless future and if you agree I hereby agree to compensate your sincere and candid effort in this regard with 20% of the total money and annual 5% of the after tax returns on investment for the first three years. Thereafter the term shall be varied 5% for expenses, which may arise during the transaction, when the money is moved into your discreet account.

You will be allowed to draw 20% to your favour while the remaining 70% will be invested meaningfully for our future if possible in your area of business and deterrents sector of the economy in your country which are dividends yielding. What ever your decision is please reach me immediately through my email address and keep this letter tight secret for the interest of my family.

Best regards,