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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

As people like Dean have mentioned, the Chief Wiggles has a great idea. Scroll down to here to see how his idea came to him.

We must get behind this. When this war began, I said that the greatest effect we would have in Iraq was exposing the Iraqi people to the tens of thousands of wonderful, talented, caring servicemen and women we were sending over there. When one of them gets this fantastic idea, it deserves all of the immense support that Americans can put together when someone needs help. One of the neat things about Americans and the Internet is how fast we can assemble people and ideas and get things moving. I had the same great feeling during the first Gulf War when we organized people across the nation to get care packages to the troops. I still cherish the letters we got back from servicemen from that experience.

Now some have criticized this with words about helping the Iraqi people with food and water. I'm confident that the US occupation forces are working at their capacity to do that. What this is about is empowering American servicemen and women to express what America is really about - individual caring.

So do what we do best. Get going.