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Saturday, June 26, 2004

I was in Denver today and picked up a copy of Denver's "alternative" weekly, Westword. In it, I found the perfect example of the childish obsession and lack of humor among the left today. In the Theater section was a review, bylined Juliet Wittman, of a local comic's performance. In the second part of the comic's act, evidently trying out new material on the local audience, the comic tells a series of jokes. The reviewer cannot even remember the first line, but the series is what do you call a group of people complaining? "A company full of people complaining is a union". "A country full of people complaining is France".

The reviewer goes ballistic. "There I was, mellow and happy", she writes, "prepared to recommend [the show] to everyone I knew, and within seconds, [the comic] had managed to insult first working people and then an entire European nation".

Did you know that working people and Europe was offlimits to comics? Evidently I wasn't notified either.

But that wasn't it, the reviewer continued to make this lapse in proper left-wing comedy subject matter the theme for the entire review. "I had thought him worldly and somewhat knowledgeable, and he turned out to be a foot soldier in the Bush administration's inane culture war against the country that warned us that attacking Iraq would be a mistake".

This moronic reviewer just typified the Democrat obsession and hatred meme for me. I guess she hadn't gotten Al Gore's fax or she would have snuck a "brownshirt" reference somewhere. As far as I can tell, the comic didn't mention the Bush administration, didn't mention Iraq or the War on Terror. Didn't mention the fact that John Kerry is a long-standing accomplice to America's enemies ... whoops there I go. No, all the comic did was make a pretty mild union joke and France joke.

That's all it takes to be an Enemy of the Proletariate today.