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Monday, August 02, 2004

Frankly, John Kerry has in my opinion repeatedly demonstrated that he is completely unfit for the office of President. His recent acceptance speech at the DNC was a good example, wherein he articulated some of the most ridiculous and incoherent foreign policy positions ever heard from a Presidential nominee in this century. Which continues in this Glenn Reynolds post and I don't even have handy that stupid comment about giving nuclear fuel to Iran. If that freaking idiotic comment sounds familiar, its because it was Jimmy Carter's "solution" to North Korea's nuclear weapons program. A failed solution that has gotten us closer to a terror nuclear weapon.

Equally amusing was his claim today that the Bush administration is dishonest, given that Kerry has had to disown in recent weeks proven liar Joe Wilson and document thief Sandy Berger from his so-called foriegn policy advisors. How could it be worse? This piece tells us how, as John Kerry adds to his advisors one of the worse Middle East "experts" imaginable - Martin Indyk. This is more evidence that John Kerry is dangerously naive about terrorism at best, and on the other side at worst, with his adoption of the worst failures of Democratic foriegn policy.

I wish that the friends of Israel in this country who are still Democrats really paid attention to the idiocy that the John Kerry campaign represents.

The bottom line is that John Kerry is a real, large, kilo-death disaster waiting to happen.

UPDATE: Belmont Club spends some time on a part of Kerry's DNC speech and ends up wondering what it means. For someone who is supposed to be about nuance, I can't help continually to find Kerry's speeches shallow as a puddle.

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