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Friday, September 10, 2004

The following letter just hit the corner mailbox addressed to the General Manager of the local CBS affiliate:

Re: Dan Rather’s Malicious and Slanderous “Reporting”.

I found it outrageous that Dan Rather would continue to deny the obvious. That he had maliciously attacked President Bush with forged documents clearly supplied to him by the Democratic Party.

I've had over 20 years experience in software development including a half decade writing word processing software. When the topic of proportional fonts, kerning and superscripting come up, these are not merely words whose definitions I understand but word processing and typography operations that I’ve personally implemented in software. It is patently obvious that the documents CBS is pushing are not written on a typewriter but rather a MS Windows based word processor like Word.

It was long ago obvious that Dan Rather is unprofessional and biased. I am old enough to remember how he slandered Gen. Westmoreland. Now I know that Dan Rather - and the entire CBS News department - will intentionally and maliciously slander the President for partisan purposes.

In the absence of a complete apology to your viewers and the President for the mistake of broadcasting the patently unprofessional propaganda that the network supplies under the false name of news, your station’s channel will be removed from my television and your station’s broadcasts will be permanently banned in my home.


Robin D. Roberts