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Monday, May 09, 2005

Thugs on the Internet

If you are not among the geekiest, you may not be aware of the lawsuit SCO v. IBM. The suit has long been the buzz of the Linux community. SCO is a company that purports to now hold the copyrights to AT&T's Unix operating system. Licensing that IP has been a sinking ship ever since Linux burst onto the IT world. So SCO's strategy seems to now be to try to leverage their IP into licensing payments by alleging that Linux infringes their copyrights. Only one problem, they can't find any infringment.

There has been a great website covering this lawsuit run by Pamela Jones.

Meanwhile, there is a magazine called Linux Business News that has been regularly publishing the writings of a "reporter" called Maureen O'Gara. Many in the Linux community view O'Gara as a shill for SCO since her articles appear to be little more than ventriloquist acts from SCO's PR department. O'Gara has long had a feud with Pamela Jones over their different views of the case. That is to say, SCO has had a feud with PJ. In a recent conference call with analysts, the CEO of SCO made some vague comments about PJ's identity. Now we know the fruit of SCO's attempt at intimidation.

Finally, O'Gara has gone beyond merely discrediting herself as a shill but has entered the realm of 'Net Thug. O'Gara published today on the scurrilous Linux Business News website an article purporting to "out" Pamela Jones by publishing her purported home address, phone number and even publishing photos supposedly of her home.

Linux Business News is published by an entity called Sys Con. I hope you remember this when choosing technical magazines to patronize. Thugs must be fought.

I saw the Google cache of the O'Gara article. It was shocking to me, and I thought that unethical slandering of opponents was a specialty of mine. Forget it, I'm an amateur- O'Gara takes the cake. I remain fairly impressed that she managed to get *paid* for writing that stuff.
Evidently the real mystery is who is paying her.
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