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Monday, June 06, 2005

The second part of the Rocky Mountain News series on Ward Churchill focuses on Churchill's oft-repeated claim that in 1837 the US Army deliberately infected natives in North Dakota with smallpox. The article shows that Churchill is misrepresenting the sources he cites.

Of course, Churchill is completely incompetent to perform any original research on this topic - misrepresenting the work of others is his only tool.

You would think Louis Pasteur's work was conducted during the late 1500s with the way various anti-Western historical revisionists toss around accusations that evil White Europeans(tm) deliberately spread smallpox among the various Native tribes. Pasteur must have been way behind the scientific curve, seeing how Europeans already understood as far back as the early 1600s how infectious diseases were spread, and even understood variable immuno-resistance well enough to know that Injuns were more susceptable to smallpox than Europeans were.

Turns out Pasteur wasn't the biological visionary we've all been told he was. No doubt the left's history brigades will soon set upon exposing the motives behind the conspiracy that is the Great Pasteur Fiction.
Rationality isn't important to the deconstructionish Left. Just nihilism.
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