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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Today, Rocky Mountain News begins a five part series on their investigation of the academic work and claims of CU's Ward Churchill. While not as funny as the Huffington's Toast explanation of Churchill's response, it is devastating. You don't want to miss this complete takedown of the fraud. Anyone who takes this man seriously is completely deluded.

Personally, it is my opinion that Ward Churchill should be reinstated as chair of the CU Ethnic Studies department. Nothing else would more accurately represent the academic fraud and left-wing moonbat looniness that is "ethnic studies". Churchill's juvenile screed about the World Trade Center terrorism should be engraved in a steel plate and screwed to the front of the building so that every one of CU's professors has to see it when they enter each day.

Plenty more information and discussion at Pirate Ballerina.

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