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Sunday, September 04, 2005

There have been some really ridiculous attacks made on the Bush administration's response to the Katrina disaster. I've been commenting in some places like Winds of Change and Protein Wisdom regarding this. Its a shame that Democrats have decided to use this horrendous disaster to make ludicrous, ignorant and vile attacks. The reality is that there was too much dithering in the Louisiana governor's and New Orleans mayor's office leading up to the hurricane ( Gov. Blanco admitted that the President had to call her and Nagin to urge mandatory evacuation be declared ). As well, the New Orleans city government just collapsed. This briefing by the National Guard commander is pretty interesting and fills in some gaps on the National Guard response but interesting is Gen. Blum's estimate that only one-third of New Orleans' police force is still on duty. That's just one symptom of the failure of preparation and leadership in New Orleans.

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