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Sunday, August 05, 2007

There are some very very sick people in the world. Of course, not every sick person is of a particular ideological faction, but people who are suffering from BDS seem in my experience to be particularly likely to be really virulent.

Yes, that's pretty common of us, isn't it, Robin? We're all out there, looking for widows to taunt? The fact that would blame a political movement comprising of over half your fellow citizens for the actions of one kook, shows just how far you have taken "leftist derangement syndrome."

There is no widespread virus of lefties taunting widows and you know it. If there is, maybe you could document for us, "counselor."
Tim, it would not hurt if you worked on your reading comprehension.

Certainly claiming "over half [my] fellow citizens" is pretty ridiculous. I'm specifically talking about the hydrophobic BDS sufferers. Not unlike the local Democratic party worker who was caught repeatedly stealing an Iraq-veteran neighbor's American flag repeatedly. Or the ones who keyed my truck with the "Bush 04" bumper sticker. And the one who shouted abuse at the woman with the yellow ribbon magnetic sticker on her car across the street. But if you see yourself in the description, that's your issue.
I assume you can forward the police report showing that your car was keyed by vile lefties?

Hell, after going to the secret website, I can see we have three operatives watching you at this moment. One is planning on stepping on your foot and claiming it was an accident. The other plans on leering at you in a suggestive way(we're all gay, you know). The third is going to make it rain on your next picnic.

I need to start blaming all the bad things in my life on evil righties. Taking the position that jerks do bad things, jerks call them leftists, all leftists are jerks is rhetorical and logical b.s. Down deep, you know that.

Sorry to bother you here at your blog. I'll retire and let you have your say.
Your reading comprehension isn't improving, tim.
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