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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Unlike others, I thought John Kerry looked as arrogant as usual. I am still astonished at the ludicrous things Kerry will say with a straight face. Give Iran nuclear fuel? Brilliant! The debate confirmed that John Kerry still cannot figure out how to dig himself out of the deep hole he has dug with his shifting positions on Iraq. The only real reason for John Kerry to show up tonight was to give a coherent shape to his myriad positions on Iraq. He failed to do that - and the nation saw it. The debate also confirmed to me that John Kerry is no where near as smart as he thinks he is. Treblinka Square? Hint: the KGB headquarters were at Lubyanka Square. Treblinka was a nazi death camp.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Fascinating analysis of John Kerry's claims regarding his legal career from Beldar. Recommended blog by the way.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Democratic Party - the party of lies. UPDATE: As Glenn Reynolds notes, Kerry is a liar too. ( OK, that "too" is redundant I know ).

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

This should be a huge story; Captain Ed finds the Kerry campaign actively undermining the alliance between the United States and Australia in the War On Terror.

It is beyond despicable. I guess we don't need any more confirmation that the "new" John Kerry is the old John Kerry.

UPDATE: Weekly Standard piece on this embarrassment.

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Friday, September 17, 2004

I happen to think the second TV ad that the Swift Boats guys put out was the best. Their latest does get to the heart of John Kerry, a new prevarication for each hour.

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Most of the big-media "blogs" are poor empty and substance-less imitations of blogs. But probably none are as bad as MSNBC's Hardblogger. I guess with that vaguely obscene name it is supposed to be a blog of Chris Matthews' Hardball TV show. ( I prefer Laura Ingram's "Whiffleball" ) There you can find Keith Olbermann, fresh off of insulting the far more intelligent and better prepared Michelle Malkin, making faux witty statements about Marion Carr Knox, the Bush-hating Air National Guard pool secretary that Dan Rather actually thought helped his case by confirming that Dan was complicit in forgery. Earlier, Olbermann gave us this mind-numbingly vapid commentary on the subject of the forged memos where he couldn't resist comparing the situation to the Swift Boats Vets for Truth. Hey, Keith, you moron. The Swift Boats operators put their names on their ads and told their stories in detail in a signed book. They didn't fax out forged memos anonymously. Anybody with an IQ above room temp is a mile ahead of Keith on this.

Keith is out of his league again. I find his commentary the farthest thing from witty. Vapid, shallow, and as badly teased as his hair.

Of course, the fake blog has its obligatory promos for Chris Matthews' interview with Kitty Kelley.

As if we didn't already know just how biased, unobjective, and despicable Chris Matthews' was from his treatment of the Swift Boat Vets for Truth issue. Matthews' confirms it by putting this trash on TV. Well, his is the right show for Democratic sleaze.

Keep typing in your basement, Chris, you'll get a forged memo that even bigger scoop than Rather's if you keep trying.

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Friday, September 10, 2004

The following letter just hit the corner mailbox addressed to the General Manager of the local CBS affiliate:

Re: Dan Rather’s Malicious and Slanderous “Reporting”.

I found it outrageous that Dan Rather would continue to deny the obvious. That he had maliciously attacked President Bush with forged documents clearly supplied to him by the Democratic Party.

I've had over 20 years experience in software development including a half decade writing word processing software. When the topic of proportional fonts, kerning and superscripting come up, these are not merely words whose definitions I understand but word processing and typography operations that I’ve personally implemented in software. It is patently obvious that the documents CBS is pushing are not written on a typewriter but rather a MS Windows based word processor like Word.

It was long ago obvious that Dan Rather is unprofessional and biased. I am old enough to remember how he slandered Gen. Westmoreland. Now I know that Dan Rather - and the entire CBS News department - will intentionally and maliciously slander the President for partisan purposes.

In the absence of a complete apology to your viewers and the President for the mistake of broadcasting the patently unprofessional propaganda that the network supplies under the false name of news, your station’s channel will be removed from my television and your station’s broadcasts will be permanently banned in my home.


Robin D. Roberts

So much going on that I've not been able to find time to comment on.

"What's the typefont, Kenneth?"

Of course, Dan Rather has discredited himself again by presenting forged documents regarding President Bush's National Guard service. And then repeating the disgusting performance by stonewalling after getting caught. Just declare your entire year's salary as an "in-kind" donation to the DNC, Dan. Of course, while you are doing that, you might put some aside in case you need to pay your lawyers when a grand jury starts looking for who in the Kerry campaign wrote the forgeries.

Now that I think about it, I know who forged these documents. It was the student I had in one of my classes who brought me a note that read:
"Please excuse Lisa for her absence yesterday. She was sick. Signed, My Mother."

Michelle Malkin has a troubling story about Delta's treatment of a Marine on leave from Iraq. Now I'll start cheering them into bankruptcy.

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Friday, September 03, 2004

More of that non-existant media bias ... nothing to see ... move along.

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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Ralph Peters saw John Kerry's speech before the American Legion and evidently had a strong enough stomach to make it through the speech ... but not strong enough to put up with it.

Way to go. I loved this line:
Perhaps the best line making its way around veterans' Web sites these days is: "A Kerry defeat would be the welcome-home parade we never had."

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